Thursday, February 18, 2010


My cereal bunch and I were outside yesterday. The girls were playing and Cap'N Crunch and I were kicking the soccer ball around. Then I noticed some monster weeds. Well, truthfully, I knew they were there because when Papa was here (more about that later), we raked leaves and pulled a few weeds. But yesterday I noticed how many weeds were in our yard. I have never seen it like this before. I guess with all the rain?

So, I started pulling and putting them in a Dora bucktet (the only thing I had at the moment). I emptied the bucket several times by the fence. Then Cap'N Crunch started helping we decided we needed a big ole black yard trash bag. We filled it up and it doesn't even look like we made a dent.

Now, I know that pulling weeds may not be fasinating to's not really to me either. Or at least it wasn't until I started blogging. The whole time I was pulling weeds...I was "writing" a post in my head. I even had to go inside to get my camera to document the weeds.

From February 2010

I seriously realize how weird I am...but hear me out. I was thinking about life and how sometimes we have weeds in our life garden - and we have to pull them out and get rid of them. Don't you agree? I currently have a few weeds in my life garden that I need to pull and bag and take to the curb. They have gotten pretty big...the longer you ignore weeds, the bigger they get. I also want to plant more flowers and fruits and veggies. It's time.

The whole were the weed was is almost as big as my big foot!

From February 2010

Cap'N Crunch laughed at me when I told him what my post was going to be about....but that's okay. You can laugh too...I just am thinking out loud, well, on the computer.

Here are some other photos from yesterday of the girls....

Cocoa Puff now likes to dress herself...
From February 2010

Do you want a kiss?

From February 2010

And last but not least, I have been forgetting to do these....

Obsession: Magazines. I love me some magazines! And they have taken over the living room, guest bedroom/office, and our bedroom (well, at least my side of the bed). Seriously, I need to go to magazines annoymous. Is there such a thing?! I have been trying to get rid of them, but it's so hard. One day....but then another magazine shows up in the mail. Oh, and the joy it brings. Wow...I am crazy! :)

Confession: Hmm? What do I want to confess to today? Sometimes I feel like I love my girls so much my heart is going to pop right out of my chest.


  1. Magazines - love them, but don't forget catalogs (like Pottery Barn, or LL Bean). I know I'm not going to order anything, but still love flipping through them!
    I have a "self-dresser" too. And nothing will convince her that 30 degrees is waaaay too cold for a dress and tights. Or that it's not really appropriate to combine stripes and tye-dye and sequins all in the same outfit!

  2. That IS a big honkin' weed. I love your whole weeds in life, must pull them out and plant good stuff comparison! I am so there with you on that one. That pretty much sums up what we're doing in Bible study!

    Thanks for your company on our outing today! It really brightened my mood. :)

    Oh, and love your confession. ;) You're such a good mommy.

    Love ya!


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