Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cocoa Puff's first "Big Girl" haircut



After...I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!

Look out!

I had to post a picture of Cheerio!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I've got a booger waiting for you!

I actually had to spellcheck "booger." I don't think I have ever typed or written the word booger before tonight.

So, here's how it happened....I'm making breakfast this case you're wondering, we had oatmeal. I hear Cocoa Puff call me from the other room.

"Mom, I've got a booger waiting for you."
My mind thought...surely she did not just say booger...but what else could be waiting for me?
I peek around the corner...."What do you have waiting for me?"
"Mom, a BOOGER!"
"Oh, of course...a booger. Let me get a tissue."

After collecting the prize I went back to making oatmeal. Now, if you've ever made oatmeal or even just seen might be able to see where I'm going with this...I couldn't stop thinking about boogers. I decided to feed Cheerio first. After her breakfast was gone I decided to give mine another try. I stared into my bowl of boogers...I mean oatmeal and dipped my spoon in. Needless to say I had a really hard time eating my yummy breakfast this morning. Next time you're eating a bowl of yummy, hot oatmeal, think about Cocoa Puff and her prize-winning booger :)

Obsession: Reading. I have not been able to stop reading the last few weeks...not that it's a bad obsession, but I'm sure Captain Crunch would like to have his wife back. I just finished a book tonight. I think I'll wait until Friday before starting another one...we'll see.

Confession: I really, really want to finish writing the book I'm working on and have it, really published with people buying it and everything. Maybe one day you'll see my Fruit Loopy face on the back of a cover :)

That's all for now...Pictures tomorrow.

Fruit Loop 000

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hello, My Dear!

So, since I'm not busy or anything, I thought I would start my own little blog - I've been having fun reading other people's for several months now. Being so far from family and friends, I don't get to share my funny stories very often. Because when I do call or email, I forget all the everyday silly things that happen in our house. Now, I have a notebook to write my thoughts and the girlies funny moments down in. Plus, the idea of a creative outlet, just for me, is a great thing. Hopefully you'll enjoy it too.

The other day Cocoa Puff, our 3 year old, was in the bathtub when she handed me a teacup and said, "Would you like some tea, my dear?" I almost fell off the top of the potty (I wasn't going or anything, just sitting, watching). More and more funny things are coming out of her little mouth. Just like my new nickname - "Momsy." Where do they come up with this stuff? I love it though.

Cheerio, the 11 1/2 month old, is, as Captain Crunch says, almost walking. Not quite sure how I feel about this yet....I'll let you know when it happens. And yes, I do realize her birthday is in two weeks. But I have decided to postpone her birthday...can I do that? She'll never know, right? Unless you tell her...surely you are not going to tell her. I do have a reason - or two - for postponing it. I am a procrastinator, number one; I am waiting on a recipe from a certain Aunt who is withholding said recipe until we move home, number two; and number three...I am a procrastinator. It's not like she's not going to have a party.
Obsession: Cereal. I love cereal. I love eating it, buying it, looking at it, storing it in my pantry, shopping for it, munching on it, thinking about it, blogging about it...I could go on. But if I go on much more, certainly the men with the white jacket would arrive at my door. One more thing - I could eat cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner and even snacks. I have even nicknamed my family with cereal names for my blog. If you know their real names, please use the nicknames on the blog...Thanks!

Confession: I really do love cereal. (You thought I was going to tell you something else didn't you? hee hee I still love cereal!) Maybe next time I will tell you something more serious.
Since I want to have pictures on this post, I did what any Momsy would do - I went into Cocoa Puff's and Cheerio's rooms and took pictures...I didn't wake them up or anything. Well, Cocoa Puff almost woke up...just enough to put Skipit over her head to protect her from the flash.
Cheerio sleeps in every inch of her bed!

Cocoa Puff...what a cutie!
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