Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here comes this bride, all dressed in white....

Today's topic on Mama M's Valentine's Day Extravaganza is....favorite memory from your wedding day.

My wedding, I mean Our wedding day....

Well, my favorite memory is...I married the love of my life, my dream guy, the man of my dreams, my soulmate! That by far was the best thing about my wedding day.

From black and whites

Other great memories:
  • all of our friends and family being there to celebrate with us.

  • being, make-up, you know, wedding day stuff.

  • the ceremony....the tradition of it.

  • a crazy usher catching the garter belt. I so wish we'd gotten it on video. E. crawled his way up to a blushing cousin of mine who caught the bouqet. We couldn't have hired a better entertainer!

  • From black and whites

  • getting married on my high school best friend's birthday and my cousin's wife's birthday...I am so bad at remembering makes it easier to remember their birthdays...I did say easier!

I feel like I missed so much on my wedding day...but I've heard that's normal. I can't wait until my girls get married! I am going to the momzilla :) I will want everything to be perfect for them.

Cap'N Crunch and I talked about our wedding last night and I asked him what his favorite memory was from our wedding. His favorite wedding moment was that is was over....gee! I guess that is just a guy response. I was hoping for something a little more romantic like, "When I saw you walking down the aisle, all beautiful in your white dress, I knew I was the luckiest man alive." Hee hee. Wouldn't it be great if he could read my mind and say the things I wanted him to say? I suppose I was a little relieved it was over was nice to go to our posh hotel suite and fall asleep in each other's arms as a married couple.

From black and whites

So, that's it...our favorite wedding memories. If you would like to share your favorite wedding moment, head over to Mama M's or just leave a comment here. See you tomorrow for more stories!

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