Thursday, February 11, 2010

Romantic blunders....

Hello again! Wow...this is day 5 of the blog hop over at Mama M's. And I've participated in all five days so far. Only three to you think I'll make it? I actually do, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Today's topic is stories about romantic screw-ups. I almost didn't participate because I couldn't think of one. Oh, I don't mean that Cap'N Crunch hasn't made any...he has. But I started getting upset at thinking about all of the things he could do to be more romantic. I'm one of those gals who love sappy love movies and romantic novels (not trashy paperback novels). I am a sucker for a happy ending. But in real life, happy endings aren't like they are in the movies...I know some girls are lucky enough to have sappy, romantic guys, but I didn't end up with one of those. I think in so many ways I ended up with a better guy....but I will talk more about that on another day!

Okay, back to today's story. This is actually a romantic screw-up for both of us....

It all started on what should have been the most romantic week of our lives. The honeymoon. We didn't have a lot of money (and we procrastinated on the planning), so we decided to rent a convertible and drive south...after all we lived in Florida at the time. There was so much that we hadn't done. We thought it would be fun to not have any plans and just drive. And it might have been fun...

Do you hear the if coming?

Yep. It might have been fun if Cap'N Crunch hadn't gotten sick. And not just cough, sneeze, cough sick. He claimed to have pneumonia. Notice I wrote "claimed." I of course did not believe him. I think I may have even accused him of being 'dramatic', maybe.

Let me just stop really quick and say that I'm the biggest baby when I'm sick, but I have no tolerance when someone else if sick and complaining...well, I do if the person is not my husband. on. our. honeymoon.

I was so irritated. I mean who gets sick on their honeymoon? WHO? Well, apparently my new husband.

After declaring that he wanted to go home and go to the doctor, we started driving back. We did stop and spend the night in Orlando.

We get home the next day and go to the doctor. Anyone want to guess what's wrong with him? The darn boy had pneumonia. What are the odds? So then I felt like the horrible new wife. I should have been playing nurse (no not that kind of nurse!) instead of making him feel bad for ruining our honeymoon.

And that's our story of romantic screw-ups.


  1. love your 2nd paragraph - I can totally relate! I love the nicknames for your family too. =D

  2. :D

    I love it! My hubby is the worst at being sensitive to sickness! But, I can't help myself when HE's sick...I'm a nurse! I've actually told him, "the next time YOU get sick, I'm not taking care of you!!!", but I can never stick to my word!!


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