Thursday, December 29, 2011

December - What a Fabulously Fancy Title!

Well, folks (or maybe I'm just typing to myself at this point)...I may never catch up with all the posts I wanted to post from the summer and beyond. But I really don't want to stop blogging. What to do, what to do?

Move on.

Moving on....

December! December was a busy, crazy, wonderful, hectic, fantastic month for us. Well, maybe I'll dip back into November just a little...okay? Okay! Papa and Nanny paid us a visit for Thanksgiving. Here are some fun photos from their trip:

Cocoa Puff helped make the table festive!

My attempt at being crafty and decorative.

NOT a Pecan Pie...close, but it's a Macadamia Nut Pie. OH. My. Goodnes!

Pretty Table

Yummy Turkey. Much better than last year's!

Happy family

Can you feel the love?

We went to SeaWorld

Nanny and the girls on a ride

Papa and Cocoa Puff on the Merry Go Round....Papa looks like he's having a blast!

The girls were tired by this point...but it's still a cute photo

Now, really on to December:

Cocoa Puff danced in her fourth dance recital. She's such a cute little dancer! And the recitals are really fun.

This year, she chose to do Hip Hop. She had fun. I miss the pretty tutu costumes. Look at my Sassy girl with her friend B.

Attitude face :-)

Santa even made it to the recital!

Christmas Eve...

Christmas morning...two very excited girls!

Oh, my that's a very large dollhouse! (Didn't realize that when I was ordering it)

Our handsome feline, Trix!

Nevermind those presents at the front...I want the one all the way behind the tree. Cheerio is constantly making us laugh.

Cheerio looks so sweet in this photo. Cocoa Puff is her mother's daughter :-)

I really love this one....

Cocoa Puff, Cheerio and Fruit Loop!

Okay, here is a sweet face.

Nope, back to silly. Actually this is her "scary" face. I don't know about scary...all I want to do is kiss it.

Cocoa Puff was in a very kissy mood today. Cheerio can only take so much.

My sweet, sweet girls :-)

And that is all she wrote.

Unless you count the Obsessions and Confessions

Obsession: PINTEREST. Shame on the person responsible for thinking up really is a love/hate relationship. I won't even go into how much time I spend pinning.

Confession: I took a three hour nap on the couch on Christmas Day. (Cap'N Crunch just informed me it was three hours and fifteen minutes...not that he was counting :-) He didn't wake me up though) It was the most decadent nap I've had in a long time. I needed it. Yet, I still feel a little guitly for sleeping so long.