Saturday, February 6, 2010

How I met Cap'N Crunch....

Mama M is doing a Valentine's Day Extravaganza this week. Since I *HEART* Mama M and since I do not blog about Cap'N Crunch nearly enough, I thought I would join in the fun. If you would like to participate, head on over to Mama M's and check out the schedule for the week.

Today's assignment is telling the story of how you met the love of your life....

I first met Cap'N Crunch in September, 1998, at Bombay Bicycle Club in Jacksonville. Right away, I knew that he was the boy for me...not really love at first sight, but just something in me knew he was special and he was for me.

One of his friends knew one of my friends so we were sitting at the same table. Another girl was putting the moves on him - and suddenly I felt very territorial. I am not the kind of girl to get territorial or I just knew something was up.

We ended up hangin' out that first night. We talked a little, danced a little, flirted a little...

Then I didn't see him again for a while. Ugh. I knew where a friend of his one day I went a knocking, which is not something I would have ever done. Except that it was Cap'N Crunch. He just did something to me. His friend didn't have a clue...he didn't invite me in and I left having not talked to Cap'N Crunch and thinking that's that. I tried to put Cap'N Crunch out of my head...didn't work.

I ended up seeing him out again in December. We talked a little, danced a little, flirted a little...

Then nothing again. I was not happy this time. I decided I was done getting all silly over this boy who couldn't get it right.

Well, obviously he got it right, because here we are...over 11 years later!

One day in January Cap'N Crunch showed up in the store I was working in....all cute and smiling. I was melting. Luckily I had worked all day, but I still had an hour or so left to work. I called in another girl to work a little early and I left....

We went to Chili's...ate and talked for over four hours. FOUR HOURS!!!! And that is how I met Cap'N Crunch....the love of my life!

I thought it would be fun to have Cap'N Crunch tell his side of the story, so in his own words...

Twas the first night of autumn in 1998....gosh, has it been that long? I was at a fine drinking establishment with my friend E. E was seeing his lady friend T.(lady friend? really?) T brought her girlfriend Jill ( that's me!). Jill was tall, had long curly hair, a beautiful smile, too cute to pass up (Cap'N Crunches words....remember! Isn't that sweet?)

I found Jill interesting considering the fact that she had just turned 20 and there we were drinking at the BBC. We all knew the bouncer! So, legally I should've never crossed paths with the love of my life. Call it destiny, call it divine right intervention, heck, call it fate, Jill and I hit it off great on the first night we met.

She was an assistant manager of a shoe store and I was unemployed at the time driving an S-10 pickup as my bachelor sleigh. (isn't he silly?) So I wasn't making money, had no job, and drove a truck (I have to interrupt again...I know, let the man tell his story, but I think it's important for you to know that the truck he's talking about was purple. PURPLE!). What does this woman see in me? I must have been good-looking back then or something because I didn't have a whole lot going for me.

Jill and I didn't meet again until a few weeks later at the BBC. I had been seeking out Jill so I was glad to see her, but something was wrong. It bothered me to see her upset, but she wouldn't tell me what was wrong. Then she left. (Wow! I had completely forgotten about this...My grandfather had just passed away and I was really upset. My friend T thought it would be good for me to get out...nope, not so good.)

I didn't see Jill again until Christmas night. Jill told me what was going on in her life - why she left last time so upset. Then Jill invited me to a party at her house in St. A. the next night. (My memory is so bad...I had forgotten about this too! And just for the record, I hadn't planned on having a party but I wanted to see K a "party" was invented and an invitation was put out.) I wasn't sure about the party, so I brought a chaperone with me. (Oh, yes...I was such a wild girl that K needed a chaperone! He's so silly.) It was a fun party. So fun that word got back to J's parents and she got in trouble...(They were out of town and I didn't really think about asking or telling...I was 20 and at 20 I guess I felt "old enough" to make my own decisions....ah, young and stupid!)

I didn't know it, but I met the love of my life numerous times in a three and a half month span.

So there you have it...both sides of the story and they were totally different! I am so glad that I asked Cap'N Crunch to tell his side to.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when we tell you our favorite date stories.

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