Thursday, December 29, 2011

December - What a Fabulously Fancy Title!

Well, folks (or maybe I'm just typing to myself at this point)...I may never catch up with all the posts I wanted to post from the summer and beyond. But I really don't want to stop blogging. What to do, what to do?

Move on.

Moving on....

December! December was a busy, crazy, wonderful, hectic, fantastic month for us. Well, maybe I'll dip back into November just a little...okay? Okay! Papa and Nanny paid us a visit for Thanksgiving. Here are some fun photos from their trip:

Cocoa Puff helped make the table festive!

My attempt at being crafty and decorative.

NOT a Pecan Pie...close, but it's a Macadamia Nut Pie. OH. My. Goodnes!

Pretty Table

Yummy Turkey. Much better than last year's!

Happy family

Can you feel the love?

We went to SeaWorld

Nanny and the girls on a ride

Papa and Cocoa Puff on the Merry Go Round....Papa looks like he's having a blast!

The girls were tired by this point...but it's still a cute photo

Now, really on to December:

Cocoa Puff danced in her fourth dance recital. She's such a cute little dancer! And the recitals are really fun.

This year, she chose to do Hip Hop. She had fun. I miss the pretty tutu costumes. Look at my Sassy girl with her friend B.

Attitude face :-)

Santa even made it to the recital!

Christmas Eve...

Christmas morning...two very excited girls!

Oh, my that's a very large dollhouse! (Didn't realize that when I was ordering it)

Our handsome feline, Trix!

Nevermind those presents at the front...I want the one all the way behind the tree. Cheerio is constantly making us laugh.

Cheerio looks so sweet in this photo. Cocoa Puff is her mother's daughter :-)

I really love this one....

Cocoa Puff, Cheerio and Fruit Loop!

Okay, here is a sweet face.

Nope, back to silly. Actually this is her "scary" face. I don't know about scary...all I want to do is kiss it.

Cocoa Puff was in a very kissy mood today. Cheerio can only take so much.

My sweet, sweet girls :-)

And that is all she wrote.

Unless you count the Obsessions and Confessions

Obsession: PINTEREST. Shame on the person responsible for thinking up really is a love/hate relationship. I won't even go into how much time I spend pinning.

Confession: I took a three hour nap on the couch on Christmas Day. (Cap'N Crunch just informed me it was three hours and fifteen minutes...not that he was counting :-) He didn't wake me up though) It was the most decadent nap I've had in a long time. I needed it. Yet, I still feel a little guitly for sleeping so long.

Friday, June 10, 2011

School's Out For Summer......

Well, we've been out for almost a month now, but I'm just now getting around to writing about it.

This school year was great all around. I had awesome kiddos: one super sixth-grader, ten crazy middle school girls (and I mean crazy in the best sense of the word...but, well, they are in middle school! I was crazy then too...weren't we all?), and ten wonderful high school Algebra II students.

Cocoa Puff loved every minute of preschool. Her teacher, Ms. Allena, was fantastic. Cheerio didn't have a great start to the school year. She cried all morning for the first three weeks....but then she warmed up. And thank goodness because it broke my heart everyday. Her teacher, Ms. Susie...I cannot say enough about her. Ms. Susie was Fabulous :-) We were so blessed with great teachers this year...may future years be as great! Thank you ladies for teaching my girls and for loving them.

The girls were able to dress up for the last day of school! They each picked out their ensembles...

Sweet sisters

Cocoa Puff's friends

Cheerio's friends

I made cupcakes to celebrate Cocoa Puff's birthday...I do not have a future in cupcake decorating - they were yummy though!

Oh, my goodness :-)

Someone LOVES Mommy's icing

The fabulous Ms. Susie...doesn't she just look like a preschool teacher?

Ms. Susy put together a "water day" for the preschool classes...this was the doll clothes laudromat!

This was the car wash....

One of Cheerio's friends thought she would wash herself :-)

Cheerio did not think washing clothes and cars was fun. My girl does NOT like to get messy...unless it's her idea

Cocoa Puff thinking how to play in the shaving cream!

And this is what my students do with their freetime...hopefully not during classtime

Our babysitter, Ms. Malarie...she graduated this year and is going away to college. We are going to miss her.

And that was all I wrote....

But wait! Since I haven't done an obsession or confession in awhile, I will do one before I go.

Confession: We have adopted a new kitty. He has at least ten different names because every time we see him Cap'N Crunch or the girls give him a new one. Here are the names: Creepy, Spooky, Black cat, spunky, Spiky, Spunkilicious, and the list goes on. Maybe one day we'll all agree on a name...but for now he is the kitty boy with many names :-)

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun with Friends

We have been blessed with the greatest friends! Cap'N Crunch and I are so happy to have found families we can have fun with...enjoy!

In April, we went strawberry picking with the C Family...T, G, M and W. The kiddos had a great time and so did the adults :-)

This girl is the sweetest funniest girl! And don't you love her pose?

You picked a good one!

Wow! The goal for picking was "The redder the better"

"Ha haha Ha! I wear my Daddy out!"

"Can I help you?"

Just having a conversation...


What a group :-)

Waiting for the Mommies to finish looking in the frilly pink store...

Making faces after eating yummy cookies

Entertaining accordian player

One night in May, we met the C family along with the A family at The Salt Lick. Pretty stinkin' good BBQ! And we had a great time.

Cap'N Crunch and N waiting for our table....

Our table is ready!

A very quiet table...everyone was focused on dessert

In May, we we invited to a pool party for a little boy in Olivia's class. She has some great school friends.

For Easter, I co-hosted an Easter Egg Hunt with H for our MOPS group.

Have you ever seen a cuter way to "Stop and smell the jasmine"?

My cheerio is very into dressing herself these days....that's all I have to say.


" don't really think I am going to go to sleep, do you?"

And a May trip to the zoo with these cute friends!

I could not resist this cheeky shot...this one will go in the file labeled Photos for Later!

And a sad last playdate with this cute fella...his family is moving :-(

Before swimming, we had a pool wash...similar to a car wash! The kids had so much fun they didn't even know they were working :-)

Just add water for fun!

What do you get when you add water to dirt? Fun of course...and two dirty girls ;-)

We have many more great friends...unfortunately I do not take photos everywhere, all the time. I will have more "Fun with Friends" posts in the future.