Friday, January 29, 2010

Five Question Friday

It's Friday again! I'm so ready for the weekend! How about you? It was a particularly long week for me....I chipped a tooth on my way to bible study on Tuesday and cried because I thought I was going to need a crown (lots of money), went to the dentist on Wednesday and sighed a sigh of relief because I don't need a crown..just a super-dupper filling, dealt with a sick kiddo on Tuesday/Wednesday - Cocoa Puff had a small fever for about two hours and lots of diarrhea, had a surprise visit from Gigi and Papi on Thursday - and I will just say that the house was a wreck and I was horribly embarrassed. I got over the embarrassment and enjoyed their short, but nice visit. So, what's in store for today? Well, it's Mama M's five question Friday and I think I will take the girlies to the library. And right now, Cocoa Puff wants pancakes for I'm off to flip some flapjacks!

From January
My view from the dentist you see the deer?

1. Would you ever vacation alone?

Why? I mean really? What fun would a vacation be if I were alone? I would like a few hours on a vacation alone....that would be fun! I would go to the beach or park or some place peaceful and read a book...preferably in a hammock. Now that I would enjoy, but a whole vacation, alone? NO THANK YOU!

2. Do you go the speed limit?

I am not as much of a speed demon as I used to be....I was once pulled over (and ticketed) for going 88 in a 60 MPH zone. I was 17. I cried all the way home. Then I tried to hide it from my parents and take care of it myself. My advice to you: Tell the truth! It was not pretty when they found out....and they were dissappointed which was the worse part.

Now I have kiddos in the car with I am more careful....I still occassionally go faster than the posted speed limit, but it's only to get by those (BLEEEEP) who go 20 MPH under the speed limit. There is such a thing as going too slow.

What's that? You think I have road rage? Nope, not me. Okay, maybe a little....but I wouldn't if people would just drive right!

You got more than you bargained for on this question, didn't you?!!!

3. Why did you start blogging/following blogs?

Long story short....Ana, my bestie from high school, lured me in. She dangled blog "candy" in front of me until I was hooked! It started with funny stories from MckMama to sad stories from Bring the Rain, and Harper, Kelly's daughter (Kelly's Korner) to yummy recipes from Bakerella and The Pioneer Woman. Then Ana started her own blog, Ana's Antics, and I loved reading her blog - even though I saw her on a weekly basis. About six months later, I started my own blog...partially because I wanted to join in on Not Me! Monday (MckMama) and Show Us Your Life (Kelly's Korner). I have enjoyed blogging more than I thought I ever would....I hope our friends and family are enjoying it too!

4. Where do you shop for yourself?

Target, Old Navy...I don't shop for myself very often...and that's okay! I really enjoy shopping, but now is not a time in my life that I get to shop freely. One day we will have more money...but for now my job is loving on my girlies...give and take!

5. What was the song that you danced your first dance with your spouse to at your wedding...or...what song would you like your first dance to be to?

From black and whites

That's it...if you want to participate head over to Mama M's blog and join the party or just show her some love....that is what blogging is all about and what makes it so fun!

Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Soap Box Time

I try really hard not to let the English teacher in me get out in public places....but COME ON! I just, literally - like two seconds ago, saw a 'professional' author use the wrong spelling of a word in an online article. My blood started boiling and I thought "J, calm down! Write a post about this so other people can avoid making the same mistake."

So, I know that I make mistakes and I don't always spell check and proofread like I should....BUT....let's talk about homophones. I won't bore you and talk about all of them. Nope. I'm not that mean. I would like people to actually read my blog! And I do realize that we learned this in elementary school and maybe in junior high/middle school. In all fairness, it's been quite a while!

Homonyms 101

The first one is the one that I see so often and really drives me bonkers!

Your and you're

Your is a possesive pronoun

You're is a contraction (shortened from you are)

A good way to tell if you're using the right one is to try to substitue *you are* in the sentence.

Take the sentence above and let's substitute * you are* for you're:

A good way to tell if you are using the right one is to .........blah, blah, blah. It works - so I did use the correct homonym.

Another example:

I'm only doing this mini-tutorial for you're own good.

Now substitute: I'm only doing this mini-tutorial for you are own good. Oops. Wrong homonym. I'll change it.

I'm only doing this mini-tutorial for your own good. Really!

Some other commonly misused homonyms:

  • their/they're/there
  • too/to/two
  • whole/hole
  • see/sea
  • deer/dear
  • its/it's
  • know/no
  • weather/whether
  • by/buy/bye ( I'm sure that 'N Sync was singing about homonyms :) "I'm doing this tonight...I know this can't be right..." FYI - I had to look those lyrics up. I don't know the words by heart.)

Monday, January 18, 2010

"Seriously Cocoa Puff???"

Last night I was sitting on the couch catching up on DVRed espisodes of Ellen :) (I am a huge fan of Ellen!) I hear a noise behind me and when I turn around to's Cocoa Puff. She has a little problem staying in bed sometimes...we've been working on it. For the most part, she now stays in her bed. Well, except for last night.

So, I now present you with the top ten ways to NOT stay in bed...These are in order of how they happened - and they all happened!

1. "I was practicing staying awake."

2. "I was just thinking about my new robe and how excited I will be to wear it." (I am attempting to make a robe...if I ever finish it, I think it will be pretty cute. You do know I'm a procrastinator, right?)

3. "When it rains, I cannot sleep."

4. "Thunder scares me." (Okay, let me just clarify that thunder has never scared her before and I know that she could have been really scared except that she was smiling when she said it.)

5. "My bed is not comfortable. I think I will sleep on the floor tonight." (I might have said okay to this one just to get her to go to sleep and then transfered her to her bed, except she was on the floor in front on the TV and apparently that's the only comfortable piece of floor in our whole house!)

6. "I need to sleep upside down tonight."

7. "I need some love." (I really have a hard time turning this one down. I know she's got me on speed dial! BUT, MckMama did a post recently on enjoying these times when they want you I do! even if it is 11 o'clock at night.)

8. "Why are water and milk cold?"

9. "Thirsty." (I did not get her any water...I have to draw the line somewhere.)

10. And the last, longest reason...."Potty, again." (She didn't go the first time. I didn't even know she was in the bathroom until I walked into the blueberry room to check my email before bed...I saw the light on in the bathroom, so I opened the door to find Cocoa Puff kneeling on the counter. My jaw dropped and I started to chuckle at the same time....I mean, seriously?!?!?!

Oh, course she started crying because she knew she was 'caught' and she still thinks she won't get in trouble if she cries. (Does that work in any of your houses?) I got her down, saw that she went to the potty but didn't wipe..yuck, smelled her hands to see if she washed them...she hadn't...double yuck. She knows better, but she is three and it was close to midnight. We took care of bathroom business and I put her in bed.

The tears were still streaming at this point. I asked her to take a deep breathe - it usually calms her down. Then I explained why I was upset, quietly and rationally...I took a few deep breathes too! She calmed down a little to tell me, "Do you know why I was crying?"

"Because she got in trouble?" I reply.

"No, I was crying (tears start again) because...gasp...I miss...Papa...gasp...Nanny...gasp, much."

I miss Papa and Nanny too! So, I snuggled up next to her and loved on her some more and told her some of the love was from Papa and Nanny.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Five Question Friday!

Wow! That was a super fast week! And a great week...I started a bible study on Tuesday. The other ladies are amazing and I'm so excited! But I now have 'homework' every night! (Shh...don't tell, but I haven't done it yet. You know I'm a procrastinator right?! I really do need to start today though.) The girls also had a great time...Cocoa Puff has been singing a song she learned - all week.

Okay, okay, on to the five questions! Here's the go to Mama M's blog, read the great questions, copy them to your blog, and answer them! And if you're so inclined, you can read other bloggers answers on their blog by clicking on the links at the end of the post.

1. Worst trouble you ever got into as a teenager?

I was pretty good. I didn't really get crazy until college. And the few times I did get crazy, I didn't get caught....okay, well there was this one time. Oh, and that time too. Okay, maybe I do have a few stories....but this is a family blog. I couldn't possibly share. I should, really?

They're really not that bad....I'm just being silly. But since I am participating in 5QF, I will tell you.

I was a senior. I went to a party with my friend M. She met a boy, he was pretty cute. They liked each other...and well, they liked making out. She didn't want to go home. I fell asleep in the back of her car. I was spending the night at her house...oh, her parents were pissed. I think we got back to her house around 3 or 4? Not really sure, but it was late. Her parents had called my parents. I kinda sorta was a bad friend....hindsight, I should have taken the blame for M? But I didn't. I was a little mad that I got in trouble. M and I didn't speak for a few days, weeks...unclear about that part....I think we kinda made up, but it was never the same...Sorry M.

See, that wasn't too bad. I did leave out the part that I had a few alcoholic beverages...hence the falling asleep in the back of M's car.

2. Are you a morning person or a night person?

I am 100% night owl. Always have been, always will be! I also trained my kiddos to not get out of bed until at least 8 o'clock. This morning they slept until a little after 10!

3. Are you a one-handed or a two-handed texter?

What is a texter? Yes, I am kidding, but I really don't like texting. Yet there are certain people (you know who you are) that insist on texting me. Aaargh! So, when I do text it takes me twenty minutes just to say hello.

4. Democrat, Republican, or Independent...or maybe even Green Party (whatever that is).

I am slightly embarrassed by this question. I almost left it out, but then it would be Five question Friday. My high school government teacher, not that I remember her name, would be so ashamed of me....I don't know which party I should call my own. There. I said it. One of these days I am going to research and figure it out, but not today.

5. Are you a pet person?

We have a cat. I am allergic to cats. But it was love at first sight when I saw this tiny little kitten in need of a good home. So, now I am a 'cat person' trapped in a 'dog-lovers' body. One day I will get a great big floppy dog!

That's all Folks! See you next Friday. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here's Your Sign!

Cheerio LOVES to do everything her big sister does. So, when Cocoa Puff goes to the bathroom, Cheerio goes to the bathroom.

"Gross. Yucky. NO!" says Mommy.

But Cheerio being the strong-willed 15 month old that she is, doesn't listen to me...ever.

Today, Cocoa Puff had a suggestion that I think is worth sharing.

Cocoa Puff is finishing up with the potty, flushes and pulls up her pants when in comes a running, okay very fast walking, Cheerio. Cheerio thinks it's hilarious, complete with giggling - so it is pretty darn cute and it gets Cocoa Puff really bent out of shape :) - if she can get to the sink before Cocoa Puff does. Well, the story wouldn't be very funny if Cocoa Puff got to the sink first, now would it? So, you guessed it...Cheerio got to the sink and climbed up the two step stool.

Cocoa Puff asks, "Mom, Cheerio is not supposed to climb on my stool, is she?"

I answer, "No sweetie, she's not, but we're trying to teach her we have to be patient."

With a little frustration in her voice, Cocoa Puff says, "Can you please just put a sign up so she doesn't do it anymore?"

I reply, trying hard not to chuckle, "Cheerio can't read yet sweetie."

"I know that Mom! You could read the sign to her!" my thirteen year old daughter Cocoa Puff says to me...ooops, did I say thirteen? I mean three! Sheesh! The attitude caught me off-guard :)

And since photos make everything more fun, or at least that's what I think, here are some photos. FYI - I was "encouraging" Cheerio to climb up the she keeps looking back at me like, "Really? You're okay with this?!!! Cool!"

Friday, January 8, 2010

Five Question Friday....Woo Hoo!

I *HEART* Mama M and her Five Question Friday!

Here's how it works...she picks the questions (with a little help from her readers) and then she answers them and invites us to do the same. It's fun, easy, and a great way to share silly things that we probably wouldn't otherwise think to share!

Numero Uno....What's your "Comfort Food"?

Have you seen my blog!?!?!?! Cereal, duh! Well, cereal and ice cream...seperately they are both fantastic, but together....oh, yummy! One of my favorite combinations is Cap'N Crunch with vanilla ice cream. Maybe you should try it...but I won't be held responsible for the addiction that forms...sorry :)

Dos...Do you send "thank-you's" (handwritten or email)?

If I could just change one word...send to write...then I would say YES! But since you just had to ask, "Do you send "thank-you's"?" I have to say...sometimes. You see, I am a procrastinator. It somehow always means that my packages/letters will be late. I have accepted it. I try to correct it, but it seems like with every child I have it gets worse. I know what you're thinking..."Oh, sure blame your sweet, innocent, beautiful, silly girls. How could you?" And I will say to you...I'm not blaming them for the problem...I'm just saying the problem seems to get worse with every addition to my sweet, little family. I could go on and on, and maybe I will another day, but I have things to procrastinate on today! hee hee

Tres...If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you choose?

Hands down....CLEAN HOUSE! Nicey Nash, Trish Surh, Matt Iseman, and Mark Brunetz ( I probably mispelled a name, sorry peeps!) My dream job is to clean out people's houses...not dirty houses really, just cluttered houses, and organize and redesign them. If you've been to my house - you know that I have my fair shar of clutter (I have two munchkins...yes, here I go blaming those sweet girls again :), but I love to move it around and organize it. And there is nothing more satisfying than a garage sale...or garbage sale as my dad calls it :) How fun is it to make money from things that you no longer need. I am totally GREEN! (Can't you just let me think I'm Green?! Please?)

Four...(My spanish runs out at three!)...What is your favorite online recipe source?

Bakerella is fantastic! She has some yummy treats on her blog. Warning....don't go to her blog unless you want to gain the Bakerella fifteen. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Five...If you had to choose: "Friends" or "Seinfeld"?

No competition....Friends. Courtney Cox's character is my favorite. (BTW - have you seen Cougar Town? Seriously funny! Wednesday'll thank me.)

So, that's it! Wasn't that fun? Well, I had fun! No need to let me know if you didn't. If you don't have a blog, you can answer the questions in the comments of this post! Happy Friday...have a great weekend.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sleepless in the South

Cheerio has hit another milestone month....she's now 15 months old! Wow - were does the time go? So, I thought I would write an update post...just to remember what she is doing these days!

  • 31 inches tall, 27 pounds 8 ounces

  • size 5 diapers, although I think you'll be potty trained soon :) Obviously I'm just kidding...however I do have a cute story about Cheerio and Cocoa Puff's panties. I was getting the girls dressed but I forgot to get panties for Cocoa Puff. Cocoa Puff went to get some and brought them to me. Then it was Cheerios turn to get dressed. She walked away and before I could go get she comes walking down the hall with a pair of Cocoa Puffs panties! I handed them to me and insisted, well maybe demanded, I put them on her. She is very persuasive, so without further ado, I present Cheerio in "big girl panties."

  • You are starting to talk more and more everyday! Words you say everyday are:
  • Mama - Mommy when you're upset
  • Dada
  • E-Ah - for your sister
  • up...very handy since you want to be "up" all the time
  • cute!
  • Apple- you don't really mean apple-we're not sure what you mean yet...maybe food?
  • Words you have said, but maybe only once or twice:
  • Cat
  • Thank you
  • More
  • No!
  • Walking is getter easier and easier...and you're getting faster and faster! When Mommy came home from tutoring today you started running and smiling as soon as you saw me. You almost startled yourself because I don't think you realized you could move that fast. It was the best!

  • You are Miss Independent! Well, at least until you need something or want to cuddle. But for the most part you love to do it yourself especially with food.

  • You are a problem solver! At least that's what the doctor says...I say you make-it-work! For example: You love to climb and be UP. When you can't get UP you get the closest object that will help you get UP! You have gotten a box of wipes, your sister's stool from the bathroom, name it, you have tried it :) And this is the reason Mommy doesn't allow anything in your bed! hee hee

  • And the reason for the post title "Sleepless in the South" don't like to sleep at night! I have come to the conclusion that it's something I'm doing...because your sister didn't like to sleep either...Oh, I'm leaving out one little bit of information. You both like to sleep and you both will sleep through the night IF you're in Mommy's and Daddy's bed. So, we've been having baby sleep boot camp at our house the last few weeks. Yes, I said weeks. I am a sucker and my girls have my digits! Truth be told, I love having them sleep next to me...SOMETIMES....ON A RARE OCCASION...NOT EVERY NIGHT. So, boot camp continues :) And considering Cocoa Puff is closer to four than three...I predict it will continue for years to come!

  • Teeth....maybe one reason you can't sleep in your own bed. You have nine teeth now! Eight front and center and one molar on top...and THREE more coming out very soon.

  • You idolize your sister. You try to do everything she does and when you can't, a temper tantrum follows. Yes, the temper tantrums have started and Mommy is not happy about it. When you don't get what you want or someone tells you "no" out! You ball your hands into fists, throw them straight down by your sides, and scream/grunt. More of a grunt than a scream, but definitely loud. Which leads me to "time-outs." Yes, I have put you in time out. It's pretty cute actually. I have to try really hard not to laugh and even harder not to get the camera to document how cute you are when I put you in time-out. One day I'm going to break down and snap a picture. But seriously you are very stubborn.

  • You like to eat cat food, play in the trash can, stick your head in the litter box (although you have never actually done this, I see the wheels are very curious as to where Wes goes), lick your shoes, and many other unsanitary things!

Cheerio - I love you so much!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Surprise, surprise!

I posted several weeks ago that my goal was to have my Christmas cards out on time this year(with a fabulous photo) I thought I would update you on how that worked out for me. Do you wanna guess first? Yes, I got them out on time...or No, I did not get them out on time?

Drum roll please...........and the answer is: "No, I did not get them out on time," says me, in a very small, ashamed voice. I'm not ashamed because they were late...I actually look forward to stragglers in my mailbox. Don't you think it's fun to get cards throughout January as well as December? I really have accepted the fact that I AM A PROCRASTINATOR! but, this year, I really wanted to have everything done and shipped out on time. Oh, well, I will get over it..."Maybe next year?!!" says the crazy delusional Fruit Loop.

December was a little bit of a blur to me this year. It seemed like there was so much to do and no one to do it....what? I should have been the one doing it all? Oh! Now it makes sense :) Every year, I have this riduculously long list of things I want to do before know, to make it special for the girls and my husband and I. This year was no different...really long list - maybe even longer because Cocoa Puff is getting older and understanding more. I accepted the fact it wasn't all going to get done early in the month, but it was still hard to let go. I always want everything to be perfect, but rarely do I live up to my standards.

So, this year, I did enjoy everything we did get to do....numerous trips to see Christmas lights (that I actually posted about), hot chocolate by the fire, cookies made for my favorite girls with my favorite 3 year old, hours spent reading fun Christmas books - some new, some old, and some classics! And I actually paid attention to the girls' reactions to everything we did. Sure we missed out on some of the fun things I wanted to do (going down to the River walk to see all of the lights and Christmas decorations the city put up, go to the "North Pole" to see Santa and all of the fun activities they had for the kiddos, etc), but I appreciated what we did more than I would have if we had done it all! Maybe next year we'll do the things we didn't get to do this year. Here are a few photos from the season! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season...Happy New Year!