Monday, November 16, 2009

At a glance....October

I feel so behind lately, but I guess I'm always behind. So, for the sake of catching up - or at least trying to - I thought I would combine what would have been several posts into one slightly longer post. Are you ready?

October was a great month for us! We:

  • saw Nanny and Papa when they flew in for the weekend. It was a very memorable trip...Nanny, Papa and Captain Crunch all got food poisoning! Thank goodness Cocoa Puff and I didn't eat the shrimp!

  • celebrated Cheerio's birthday with Gigi, Papi, Mommom, and the monkey aunt and uncles! We had a birthday brunch with the yummiest pancakes, fruit, and scrambled eggs. After brunch we had Gigi's from scratch cake....mmmm! Cheerio loved it so much she had to have a bath.

  • went on our annual trip to the pumpkin patch with good friends. The kiddos got to dress scarecrows, run around in a maze, go on a pony ride, see real Indians and hear them talk about their culture, and play instruments at a Jamboree! It was a great day.

  • went trick-or-treating not once but twice! The first time was on Friday morning at a local Elementary school. We had a great time.

  • were invited to several great Halloween parties! Cocoa Puff found out that she loves zombie marshmallows! And Cheerio realized her love of bouncy castles!

  • went trick-or-treating, AGAIN! What a great month....November has a lot to live up to, but with Thanksgiving, I think it'll make it!

And last, but not least it's time for Obsession and Confession!

Obsession: Taking the PERFECT Christmas card photo and sending my Christmas cards out on time this year. When I told Captain Crunch that this was my new goal/obsession - he laughed! Argh. I'll just have to show him! Ha. I'll let you know what happens.

Confession: I check my email at least three times a day. I'm sure you're, why? Sometimes I wonder the same thing. It's not like I get time-sensitive emails from my bosses..they can't read or write yet (I'm sure I'll get emails as soon as they can. hee hee). I guess I just love the anticipation of getting new mail even if it's only an email from facebook, Ellen DeGeneres, or Martha Stewart. Sometimes it's an email saying I have a new comment on my blog! Wow...I heart those emails! So, show me some love and comment on my blog...but only if you want to...I would really love it. No pressure. My day would be so much happier if you would comment...okay, okay, I'll stop now.

Until next time....

Fruit Loop

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  1. Hi Fruit Loop!

    I love the names! I love your blog too. Very nice.
    I am working on our Christmas card thing too. I hope to get a good shot this weekend in Savannah.
    Take care & give the girls hugs and kisses for me.
    Lots of love, Deb (Lucky Charms!)

  2. This is really neat! Yours is officially the first blog that I've ever read, so I hope you feel extra special. I love the collages and hearing about your exciting,crazy, never a dull moment life and realize that we definitely have a lot in common. Looking forward to more fun days together with the kiddos! Love Andrea

  3. I love reading about you and the babies. :)
    (I share it with the GODFATHER and his wife and they like it too)


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