Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here's Your Sign!

Cheerio LOVES to do everything her big sister does. So, when Cocoa Puff goes to the bathroom, Cheerio goes to the bathroom.

"Gross. Yucky. NO!" says Mommy.

But Cheerio being the strong-willed 15 month old that she is, doesn't listen to me...ever.

Today, Cocoa Puff had a suggestion that I think is worth sharing.

Cocoa Puff is finishing up with the potty, flushes and pulls up her pants when in comes a running, okay very fast walking, Cheerio. Cheerio thinks it's hilarious, complete with giggling - so it is pretty darn cute and it gets Cocoa Puff really bent out of shape :) - if she can get to the sink before Cocoa Puff does. Well, the story wouldn't be very funny if Cocoa Puff got to the sink first, now would it? So, you guessed it...Cheerio got to the sink and climbed up the two step stool.

Cocoa Puff asks, "Mom, Cheerio is not supposed to climb on my stool, is she?"

I answer, "No sweetie, she's not, but we're trying to teach her we have to be patient."

With a little frustration in her voice, Cocoa Puff says, "Can you please just put a sign up so she doesn't do it anymore?"

I reply, trying hard not to chuckle, "Cheerio can't read yet sweetie."

"I know that Mom! You could read the sign to her!" my thirteen year old daughter Cocoa Puff says to me...ooops, did I say thirteen? I mean three! Sheesh! The attitude caught me off-guard :)

And since photos make everything more fun, or at least that's what I think, here are some photos. FYI - I was "encouraging" Cheerio to climb up the she keeps looking back at me like, "Really? You're okay with this?!!! Cool!"

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  1. I LOVE this story :)
    (And I love the jammies too!!!!)


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