Thursday, January 21, 2010

Soap Box Time

I try really hard not to let the English teacher in me get out in public places....but COME ON! I just, literally - like two seconds ago, saw a 'professional' author use the wrong spelling of a word in an online article. My blood started boiling and I thought "J, calm down! Write a post about this so other people can avoid making the same mistake."

So, I know that I make mistakes and I don't always spell check and proofread like I should....BUT....let's talk about homophones. I won't bore you and talk about all of them. Nope. I'm not that mean. I would like people to actually read my blog! And I do realize that we learned this in elementary school and maybe in junior high/middle school. In all fairness, it's been quite a while!

Homonyms 101

The first one is the one that I see so often and really drives me bonkers!

Your and you're

Your is a possesive pronoun

You're is a contraction (shortened from you are)

A good way to tell if you're using the right one is to try to substitue *you are* in the sentence.

Take the sentence above and let's substitute * you are* for you're:

A good way to tell if you are using the right one is to .........blah, blah, blah. It works - so I did use the correct homonym.

Another example:

I'm only doing this mini-tutorial for you're own good.

Now substitute: I'm only doing this mini-tutorial for you are own good. Oops. Wrong homonym. I'll change it.

I'm only doing this mini-tutorial for your own good. Really!

Some other commonly misused homonyms:

  • their/they're/there
  • too/to/two
  • whole/hole
  • see/sea
  • deer/dear
  • its/it's
  • know/no
  • weather/whether
  • by/buy/bye ( I'm sure that 'N Sync was singing about homonyms :) "I'm doing this tonight...I know this can't be right..." FYI - I had to look those lyrics up. I don't know the words by heart.)

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  1. Jilly, your so funny with all of that grammer and whatnot. The errors some people make are not two bad! There just words. Its to hard to get them all right!
    Keep having fun with YOUR red marker.


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