Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sleepless in the South

Cheerio has hit another milestone month....she's now 15 months old! Wow - were does the time go? So, I thought I would write an update post...just to remember what she is doing these days!

  • 31 inches tall, 27 pounds 8 ounces

  • size 5 diapers, although I think you'll be potty trained soon :) Obviously I'm just kidding...however I do have a cute story about Cheerio and Cocoa Puff's panties. I was getting the girls dressed but I forgot to get panties for Cocoa Puff. Cocoa Puff went to get some and brought them to me. Then it was Cheerios turn to get dressed. She walked away and before I could go get she comes walking down the hall with a pair of Cocoa Puffs panties! I handed them to me and insisted, well maybe demanded, I put them on her. She is very persuasive, so without further ado, I present Cheerio in "big girl panties."

  • You are starting to talk more and more everyday! Words you say everyday are:
  • Mama - Mommy when you're upset
  • Dada
  • E-Ah - for your sister
  • up...very handy since you want to be "up" all the time
  • cute!
  • Apple- you don't really mean apple-we're not sure what you mean yet...maybe food?
  • Words you have said, but maybe only once or twice:
  • Cat
  • Thank you
  • More
  • No!
  • Walking is getter easier and easier...and you're getting faster and faster! When Mommy came home from tutoring today you started running and smiling as soon as you saw me. You almost startled yourself because I don't think you realized you could move that fast. It was the best!

  • You are Miss Independent! Well, at least until you need something or want to cuddle. But for the most part you love to do it yourself especially with food.

  • You are a problem solver! At least that's what the doctor says...I say you make-it-work! For example: You love to climb and be UP. When you can't get UP you get the closest object that will help you get UP! You have gotten a box of wipes, your sister's stool from the bathroom, name it, you have tried it :) And this is the reason Mommy doesn't allow anything in your bed! hee hee

  • And the reason for the post title "Sleepless in the South" don't like to sleep at night! I have come to the conclusion that it's something I'm doing...because your sister didn't like to sleep either...Oh, I'm leaving out one little bit of information. You both like to sleep and you both will sleep through the night IF you're in Mommy's and Daddy's bed. So, we've been having baby sleep boot camp at our house the last few weeks. Yes, I said weeks. I am a sucker and my girls have my digits! Truth be told, I love having them sleep next to me...SOMETIMES....ON A RARE OCCASION...NOT EVERY NIGHT. So, boot camp continues :) And considering Cocoa Puff is closer to four than three...I predict it will continue for years to come!

  • Teeth....maybe one reason you can't sleep in your own bed. You have nine teeth now! Eight front and center and one molar on top...and THREE more coming out very soon.

  • You idolize your sister. You try to do everything she does and when you can't, a temper tantrum follows. Yes, the temper tantrums have started and Mommy is not happy about it. When you don't get what you want or someone tells you "no" out! You ball your hands into fists, throw them straight down by your sides, and scream/grunt. More of a grunt than a scream, but definitely loud. Which leads me to "time-outs." Yes, I have put you in time out. It's pretty cute actually. I have to try really hard not to laugh and even harder not to get the camera to document how cute you are when I put you in time-out. One day I'm going to break down and snap a picture. But seriously you are very stubborn.

  • You like to eat cat food, play in the trash can, stick your head in the litter box (although you have never actually done this, I see the wheels are very curious as to where Wes goes), lick your shoes, and many other unsanitary things!

Cheerio - I love you so much!


  1. Kudos for keeping up with those precious milestones!

  2. There's nothing wrong with playing in the trash can!


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