Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Very First Guest Blogger...

It all started with a 'q'. A 'q' that Cocoa Puff said I needed on my blog. She shuffled in to our office/guest bedroom - well past her bedtime - because she couldn't get comfortable in her bed. (Yes, I know, she's got me wrapped around her little finger.) She saw that I was writting a post for my blog - it was almost done when she started 'helping' me....I decided to not fight it and I let her have a post of her own. (Watch for the post I was working on tomorrow or Tuesday?)

So without further delay, here is my first (and maybe only) guest blogger....Please give a warm welcome to Cocoa Puff.

q - this is from Cocoa Puff...she said my blog needed a 'q' dddddbmpioooo bbbbbbb

cat - we're trying to learn how to spell little words...she asked me the other day how to spell something ( I can't remember what word) and ever since I've been slipping a few in here and there.

uuuuipkljhxzcf <-------Cocoa Puff spelling her name :)

uiopuygfbnn,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mvgtyqqqwertyui <------I asked her what she was spelling here and she said it was a surprise! When I took over she said, "Mom, stop! It's my turn. I need to have a turn."

Back to Cocoa Puff....


Me: "What do you want to tell everybody?"

CP: I want to tell everybody I am updating my blog. Can I do it? Please? It's my turn..."


Me: "Do you want to say hi to anyone?"

CP: "Uh, no."

Me: I went through some of the people that might read...all five or ten of you :)

CP: "I want to say hi to everyone...and I really want to go see Jordan sing again. She sings pretty."

hjhutyqddfcfgfrewqderdsssazxxhnuyyttjkkkkkkkkkkodefrgtygyhybzxxbnmm jhggfgfrrewwqqwwqsdsassssssasasawwffgfgtrghnhgytytdsawqewcffdfvfzxcvcv bnmmgygtreewqwqsaassfgjmjkhyyjnbvvvvvvvvczcxnmhjhkjkj;loioppyewqqqqrwdcdtuu

And now a pretty cute vlog from my guest blogger! I hope you enjoy...


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