Monday, April 12, 2010


Cap'N Crunch and I learned a few lessons about Easter eggs this weekend. First let me warn you that this post is packed with photos...and I do think that they are pretty stinkin' cute.

Lesson One: Eggs need to be boiled first. Duh! Last night, at 8:30 we realized it would take a little longer than we thought to get the eggs colored. Good thing our girls can roll with it! Here are a few photos from last night.

"Your egg Delivered!" Cap'N Crunch works for AT&T...he didn't even realized he was painting his egg like the AT&T emblem.

His face when I pointed it out to him...

Cheerio and her first painting experience. She really liked it. Bring on the tantrum when I tried taking it away...okay you can paint a little longer.

Do you see that sweet little hand?

Our finished eggs

I like to set the table the night less thing to do in the morning plus it looks so least I think so :)

Lesson Two: When eggs go from the fridge to outside they will have condensation and the dye will wipe off onto sweet hands and pretty Easter dresses.

Here are some photos from our morning:

What is that stuff over there?

Ready for breakfast... No we don't eat cereal every morning!

Dressed for an Easter egg hunt...but she didn't like the headband on her head. Cheerio thinks it belongs on her legs.

And this is the face I got when I put the headband back where it belonged...

Daddy saved the day by making her laugh!

Cap'N Crunch and Cocoa Puff ready and waiting for Mommy

There is my sweet girl!

Look what I found!

The egg was okay...but she really wanted to dig in the dirt.

A egg hunting pro!

Cocoa Puff can even stop and pose for a photo while hunting for eggs.

Cheerio just couldn't help herself...yard work is never ending at our house.

The faces this girl makes...

Look at that handsome husband of mine...Cap'N Crunch told me I should tell you..."You think the backside looks good - wait till you see the front!" He's not the least little bit full of he? :)

Cocoa Puff's bag of hunted egg'!

Cheerio's bag of hunted eggs! At least she got one...which her sister promptly took and put into her own bag. Little stinker!

The Easter Bunny did such a good job hiding the eggs!

Did you make it? Cute, huh? I told you there were lots of photos. And I didn't post them all...I think I will give you a day or two to gain your vision back before I post the rest of the days photos (hint - we went in search of the perfect bluebonnet patch.)

Have a great week!


  1. Fun, fun! The girls are so precious!!! I love your table setting. And love, love all your pictures! Can't wait to see bluebonnet pics. I'm hoping we can still make it to some and get pics before they're all gone. They are so pretty and plentiful this year.

  2. Grace in lap...looking at these pictures! Oh- do we miss you so! Still working on getting to TX, but will have to wait another year or so! I want to move to Houston so bad! You are a really good mom Jill!!! Lv ya


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