Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Me! Monday

It's been a few days since I last posted...I've been thinking about posting. But the weather in our neck of the woods has been too pretty to stay inside on the computer. Yes, I know that I could compose a post at night...I have thirty thousand excuses, I mean reasons, why I haven't. Moving on --->

Warning: If you are squeamish around dirty things, please stop reading and looking at photos. This is going to be a dirty post!

You have been warned.

Okay, you asked for it!

Since I haven't posted lately, I thought I would get in on MckMama's Not Me! Monday. For complete rules and to read other people's 'Not Me's!' head over to MckMama's blog.

This weekend, I did not neglect the laundry just so I could play outside with my little people and Cap'N Crunch!

It certainly was not Cocoa Puff who put her girly princess shoe in with Daddy's dirty work clothes...I guess even princess shoes need to be washed sometimes!

I also did not leave the bathtub with a dirt trail this big.

And Cap'N Crunch did not just fill up the tub and tell me after it was filled up that I needed to clean it after the girls had their bath. Nope, not my sweet, helpful husband!

I absolutely did not forego sweeping all weekend. (In my defense, we were in and out of the house all weekend. It wouldn't have mattered if I had swept...right? Yup. We'll go with that!)

Now that you know all of my "dirty" little secrets...I have to go finish washing that mountain o' laundry. I already finished sweeping the floor and washing the bathtub and cleaning the kitchen and vaccuming the carpet and the babies are in bed....Whew! I'm tired. Maybe I will just go to bed. Good night!


  1. Uh-oh, I see a comment was removed! I hope they weren't a nasty meanie! >:(


    Yay for real lifeness!!! My house went from oh so very (almost) perfect clean to TRASHED the passed 18 hours or so. lol

    And I DON'T feel like messing with it right now! Maybe later. :oP

    PS I nominated you for an award! I'd love for you to stop by and check it out! :D

  2. Jill, my laundry looks like that right now.
    I am one person.
    I am going to stop looking at your blog and go do some laundry.


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