Monday, September 13, 2010

A Summer of Visitors - May

Ketchup time....oops I mean catch up time ;-)

This summer, well starting in May, we had visitors every month. We even ended up finding a visitor to fill the empty month of August. So, here's a recap:

May brings the flowers after April showers...May brought us Gramma and Grampa for Cocoa Puff's fourth birthday!

Gramma made the princess castle cake for Cocoa Puff

Cocoa Puff blowing out her candles

We took Gramma and Grampa to our favorite park for a picnic

Cocoa Puff caught a firefly or lightning bug - She was very excited!

Of course we went to the Riverwalk...good times.

Have I introduced you to my silly husband? He's pretending to explore the "jungle"

I love this man so much! Laughter is good for my soul and he makes me laugh nearly everyday :-)

Sweet love!

I love this photo!

Gramma and Grampa got Cocoa Puff a pool for her birthday...they both love it!

We made Gramma and Grampa follow us out to the sticks to eat at the legendary Salt worth the drive....


Stay tuned for June, July and August!

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