Sunday, September 5, 2010

A new treat for my cuties...

The other day I found an interesting recipe on a blog.

I decided to save it because I knew my little people would love it!

And love it they did...although I have no photographic proof. You'll just have to trust me.

Of course I'm going to share ;-)

S'more clusters
First, take mini marshmallows - about half a bag.

Then add Golden Grahams - maybe two cups. Can you tell I didn't measure?

Then I melted chocolate coating.

The best part was pouring the melted chocolate into the bowl.

With a spoon, mix until the marshmallows and Golden Grahams are coated. Transfer to a cookie sheet. Let the chocolate harden.

Eat! You can break it up into small chunks and put the chunks into baking cups to serve. Ours didn't make it to the pretty, serving stage.

Cocoa Puff loves marshmallows which is why I made the treat. Both girls liked it. I was on the fence. A true s'more has a melted marshmallow. I think I will stick to roasted marshmallows with my s'mores...but definitely a fun treat for kiddos. Cap'N Crunch really liked it too.

Recipe from Madigan made...check her out. She has got some great ideas!

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