Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How a Princess Wakes Up...

Once upon a time there were two princesses living in the same castle. The two princesses were sisters. The younger sister, Princess Cheerio LOVED her older sister, Princess Cocoa Puff. She loved her so much that she didn't like to be without her for even one second. (Princess Cocoa Puff loved Princess Cheerio too, but for the purpose of this story the younger sister's love for the older sister is more important.)

One day Princess Cheerio woke up from her beauty sleep before Princess Cocoa Puff. The King and Queen tried distracting the little princess from waking up the older princess, but it did not work. Princess Cheerio was determined to get Princess Cocoa Puff out of bed.

(This is the smile Princess Cheerio gave the Queen after waking Princess Cocoa Puff up!)

And this is how a Princess wakes up....

Side note from the Queen....Cocoa Puff slept with the crown...she did it all by herself after we closed the door. She wonders why her hair is so full of knots? ;-)

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