Sunday, August 22, 2010


Cocoa Puff started pre-school this year. (tears)

She LOVES it! (big smile - because as sad as I am that she is one year closer to the big "K", I am thrilled that she loves school)

Being the mom that I am, I didn't get to take before school photos (of course I was running late). So, I just took after school photos!

I tried the traditional "in front of the front door" photo....didn't really work.

Cocoa Puff just wanted to pose and be silly. And I ended up getting distracted by a pretty plant.

Then I tried the artsy photo...I took it in our bedroom standing on the bed looking down. And it's cute, but doesn't show all of Cocoa Puff...*sigh*

So, I just told her to stand next to the wall...I am not crazy about the photo, but it'll do until next year. Let's not talk about next year...

She was so excited that she had homework....she couldn't wait to do it.

Of course, Cheerio wanted to do homework too! I just might change her nickname to copycat! They are too funny. (And YES...I realize her hair is covering her eyes...she will not keep a ponytail in all day...The Great Aunt Patty will be cutting it soon enough!)

I am hoping to get more posting done this week. I am so far behind. Fingers crossed!


  1. Love, love Cocoa Puff's poses! Your girls are just beyond precious. Love them!

  2. Get those bangs out of Cheerio's eyes! She can't even see to do her "homework!" Oh my, I think Olivia has grown since you were here a few weeks ago, she looks more grown up! What happened?!

  3. Too cute! Btw, Christine wants her outfit... Hello Kitty & 'pink frillies'! Love it,

  4. How cute. K next year I can't believe it. Tell me though - How does Ava see to do her work with all the hair hanging over her eyes? She will need glasses before she's 5.


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