Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy, Happy!

Happy, Happy Anniversary to Aunt Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Uncle Wheaties :)

About a year ago (okay, so I'm late...better late right? Right?!!) I traveled with my cereal bunch (we hadn't turned into cereal yet though) to Mexico for my sister's destination wedding. It was almost like getting married again....but I was just able to enjoy myself instead of all the stress that came with my own wedding. My sister was the most beautiful bride.

FYI - The photo of the four of us - in the upper right hand corner - was taken while we were in Mexico.

Okay, back to the wedding - here are some photos and the real reason for the post: a video of Miss Cocoa Puff singing a song for her aunt and uncle. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that Aunt Cinnamon Toast Crunch had the most adorable flower girl.

Papa and Cocoa Puff aka Flower Girl

Sleepy Flower Girl

My sweet Cheerio
(I'm loving looking back at these photos - she has changed so much!)

Cap'N Crunch is practicing his Father Daughter Dance with Cheerio

Aunt Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Uncle Wheaties

Isn't this a great photo? (I would love to take credit...but I can't. I don't have a nice camera...remember? Don't get me started :) !)

Cocoa Puff with her aunt and uncle on the way to the pool

Now...I did take these photos! Aren't they amazing?!
Cheerio and I got up early on the last morning and went down to the beach...I was a little sad we were leaving!

Footprints in the sand!

Cap'N Crunch and I have had this song in our heads for the last week or so...maybe she has a future in the songwriting business?

Happy Anniversary to Aunt Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Uncle Wheaties....and to Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jerry (I haven't decided on your cereal names yet.)

Happy Monday.

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