Monday, December 21, 2009


One of the things I love most about this season is LIGHTS! Cap'N Crunch and I have been making it a point to look at lights every few nights with our girls....they love it and so do we. Cheerio gabs the whole time :)

Here are a few of the spectacular displays we've seen this year:

This is ONE home - just so you know!

The next three pictures are a business - can you guess what business? Okay, I'll tell you. The Electric Company...I really don't know which one specifically. My cereal bunch and I were driving home from a day trip when we saw these brillantly illuminated trees. Cap'N Crunch turned the car around. Both girls were sleeping. We were thinking about waking them up to see. I decided to take picutres instead to show them when we got home. They woke up anyway-at least for a few moments. After we were back on the boring road, they fell asleep again.

We've seen many more light displays, but these two are by far our favorites this year!

Happy Holidays :)

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