Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bah Hum Bug!

Okay, no not really, but...

I have been having a really hard time being festive this year! "Really?" you ask. Well, yes really. And shame on me! I know. I have two amazing excited girlies...well, one is excited about Christmas and the other one is just excited about everything :)

I had originally planned the month of December to be one BIG party for us. Maybe party isn't the right word - but I had something fun and festive planned everyday. I had planned on blogging about our activity everyday. Now, it's almost the middle of December and I haven't blogged once. We also haven't done everything I set out for us to do, but my cereal bunch and I have done a few festive things. I will try to keep it short, but no goes!

On the first day of December our family got a tree (think 12 Days of Christmas in your head!). It was the first time in eleven years that Captain Crunch and I have been getting a Christmas tree that we bought the FIRST one we looked at. Maybe we should have looked a few more up and down, but it was cold (you know, for the South) and we all really did like the first tree. So, here it is.

We took the tree home, put it up, strung the lights all around, then while Captain Crunch was untangling the red beads I love so much, I decided that our tree would be fabulous and simple this year...just lights and three strands of red beads and no ornaments. GASP! No ornaments?!!? Well, no. You see Cheerio is a very curious little gal and she doesn't listen very well, so instead of constant frustration on both our parts, I decided no ornaments. Brilliant, right? Okay, maybe not brilliant, but it did save a little of my sanity.

I intended on typing more...but it might not get posted until February. So...I'm going to post this and see what happens tomorrow! I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season! Enjoy it. Kiss you kiddos :)

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