Friday, June 10, 2011

School's Out For Summer......

Well, we've been out for almost a month now, but I'm just now getting around to writing about it.

This school year was great all around. I had awesome kiddos: one super sixth-grader, ten crazy middle school girls (and I mean crazy in the best sense of the word...but, well, they are in middle school! I was crazy then too...weren't we all?), and ten wonderful high school Algebra II students.

Cocoa Puff loved every minute of preschool. Her teacher, Ms. Allena, was fantastic. Cheerio didn't have a great start to the school year. She cried all morning for the first three weeks....but then she warmed up. And thank goodness because it broke my heart everyday. Her teacher, Ms. Susie...I cannot say enough about her. Ms. Susie was Fabulous :-) We were so blessed with great teachers this year...may future years be as great! Thank you ladies for teaching my girls and for loving them.

The girls were able to dress up for the last day of school! They each picked out their ensembles...

Sweet sisters

Cocoa Puff's friends

Cheerio's friends

I made cupcakes to celebrate Cocoa Puff's birthday...I do not have a future in cupcake decorating - they were yummy though!

Oh, my goodness :-)

Someone LOVES Mommy's icing

The fabulous Ms. Susie...doesn't she just look like a preschool teacher?

Ms. Susy put together a "water day" for the preschool classes...this was the doll clothes laudromat!

This was the car wash....

One of Cheerio's friends thought she would wash herself :-)

Cheerio did not think washing clothes and cars was fun. My girl does NOT like to get messy...unless it's her idea

Cocoa Puff thinking how to play in the shaving cream!

And this is what my students do with their freetime...hopefully not during classtime

Our babysitter, Ms. Malarie...she graduated this year and is going away to college. We are going to miss her.

And that was all I wrote....

But wait! Since I haven't done an obsession or confession in awhile, I will do one before I go.

Confession: We have adopted a new kitty. He has at least ten different names because every time we see him Cap'N Crunch or the girls give him a new one. Here are the names: Creepy, Spooky, Black cat, spunky, Spiky, Spunkilicious, and the list goes on. Maybe one day we'll all agree on a name...but for now he is the kitty boy with many names :-)

Have a great weekend.

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