Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun with Friends

We have been blessed with the greatest friends! Cap'N Crunch and I are so happy to have found families we can have fun with...enjoy!

In April, we went strawberry picking with the C Family...T, G, M and W. The kiddos had a great time and so did the adults :-)

This girl is the sweetest funniest girl! And don't you love her pose?

You picked a good one!

Wow! The goal for picking was "The redder the better"

"Ha haha Ha! I wear my Daddy out!"

"Can I help you?"

Just having a conversation...


What a group :-)

Waiting for the Mommies to finish looking in the frilly pink store...

Making faces after eating yummy cookies

Entertaining accordian player

One night in May, we met the C family along with the A family at The Salt Lick. Pretty stinkin' good BBQ! And we had a great time.

Cap'N Crunch and N waiting for our table....

Our table is ready!

A very quiet table...everyone was focused on dessert

In May, we we invited to a pool party for a little boy in Olivia's class. She has some great school friends.

For Easter, I co-hosted an Easter Egg Hunt with H for our MOPS group.

Have you ever seen a cuter way to "Stop and smell the jasmine"?

My cheerio is very into dressing herself these days....that's all I have to say.


" don't really think I am going to go to sleep, do you?"

And a May trip to the zoo with these cute friends!

I could not resist this cheeky shot...this one will go in the file labeled Photos for Later!

And a sad last playdate with this cute fella...his family is moving :-(

Before swimming, we had a pool wash...similar to a car wash! The kids had so much fun they didn't even know they were working :-)

Just add water for fun!

What do you get when you add water to dirt? Fun of course...and two dirty girls ;-)

We have many more great friends...unfortunately I do not take photos everywhere, all the time. I will have more "Fun with Friends" posts in the future.

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