Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kitchen Remodel

In February Cap'N Crunch and I decided it was time to tackle the kitchen. The flooring was at least 25 years old.

We went to Home Depot and Lowe's looking for the perfect flooring. We found it. As soon as we got home with it, I started pulling up the old yucky floor. While sitting on the floor, I started thinking "Maybe we should paint the cabinets before we put the new floor down?" Cap'N Crunch said, "Okay, I guess."

Off to the home improvement stores....found the right paint color after much agonizing. Got all the supplies we needed: paint brushes, sand paper, primer, and more sand paper.

During the sanding process, the Cap'N and I had a small (ha! large) altercation. We both realized that we had bitten off more than could be chewed in a weekend - the original goal. Once we settled down, we got back to work.

Fast forward a month and the kitchen is done. Now, let me say that during the month we had a visit from a very helpful Papa and Nanny. Without them, we would probably still be living in an unfinished kitchen...we will never know!

Lessons learned from the 2011 Kitchen Remodel:

  1. Sanding your skin does not make it smoother. It was an accident, but yes, I did sand my skin.

  2. Dust makes it way into every room when you sand indoors.

  3. Finish the original project before deciding to refinish the dining room table.

  4. It is only "fun" to picnic on the living room floor for so long.

  5. It is really not a good idea to take on any kind of remodeling less than two weeks before having visitors.

  6. Peeling/prying up old laminate flooring will result in a grumpy husband.

  7. It is not smart to aim a sharp object towards your body and then hit said sharp object with a hammer. The sharp object will draw blood and result in pain.

  8. Remodeling is like having a baby...Labor is painful. Then you meet your beautiful new perfect baby and you forget all about the pain.

  9. Tell all your friends to forbid you to remodel anything for at least a year.

The table before...yuck!

Notice all of the groves....they were a crumb magnet.

Papa andCheerio doing some plumbing

Cheerio loves her Papa :-)

Nanny helping with the cabinets

Cap'N Crunch sanding the cabinets

Finally the after! Can you believe that is the same table? Do you like the two-tone cabinets?

Can you see the turquiouse cabinet knob on the second door? What do you think?

Well, that's it for tonight. I will post soon with some photos of the girls. We found an amazing patch of bluebonnets this year!

Happy Easter, y'all!

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