Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bloggers Block....

Wow, it's been awhile. This blog thing isn't as easy as I thought it would be! I am now really impressed with everyday bloggers...and it's not like they post just pictures! I am having bloggers block :) hee hee So, I guess I will just update you on what's been happening?

Cheerio turned one on September 26! Happy Birthday to her :) Her Mommy has yet to make her a cake....bad Mommy. She will have one this weekend at Gigi and Pappi's. On her actual birthday though, we went to dinner and had ice cream after. I put Cheerio's ice cream in a tiny cone, so cute, and she went to town.

At first, she was a little unsure of the peach ice cream.

And then she loved it!

I just love watching that video!

Cocoa Puff is great. Not much new with her. As much as she loves to please, I am starting to see more of the free will that I've heard about that happens at this age. I clipped a page from a magazine the other day and put it on my fridge. It says, " Celebrate your children!" What a great reminder for me....I saw it at just the right time.

Okay, really, I don't have any more...bloggers block is not fun.

Obsession: Finding a balance - so that I can do everything. Is it possible? Probably not, but I will still try!

Confession: I am 31 and I've just started making my bed - everyday. I love walking into the bedroom and seeing a made bed. :)

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  1. Little Cheerio is too cute enjoying her ice cream! Love it!

    And I hear ya on the obession and confession. :)


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