Monday, June 14, 2010


No - I have not turned into a pirate.

I'm frustrated because I have been without a computer for over two weeks. I didn't post for two weeks before that because Cap'N Crunches parents were in town (amazing visit...but more on that later). Some of you were worried that I was too busy cleaning...okay just one person, Halley, but that's so not the case. Thanks for the concern you!

I have three hundred and ninety-two ideas for posts that I have wanted to post...but without a computer it's pretty impossible. And I suppose I could have gone the the library...but I'm not on speaking terms with the library right now (who knew that they like to charge late fees when you don't turn books and stuff in on time - sheesh!)

So, I just wanted to post quickly, while the computer is working...don't get too excited - it could "break" tomorrow, but hopefully it won't and I will be able to get caught overwhelming as that is.

I have really missed my blogging....a much needed stress reliever.

Just in case you have forgotten what my cereal looks are a few photos.

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  1. Heehee, now I'm away from a computer for two weeks! Love you and sorry your computer is being bad.


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